Scammed by Opt In Accelerator

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I got tricked by the promise of getting access to the same opt in system that made Myspace, Facebook, and Multiply reach the top in website rankings in such a short amount of time, and of course, the fact that there is an opt in accelerator bonus by way of a rebate on the total price made the offer that much more desirable. Little did I know that the total costs I would accrue would exceed the initial tag price.

It’s not that the opt in accelerator bonus isn’t true, or that there are hidden costs. The price remains the same, and the opt in accelerator bonus really shaves a good portion off of the service’s price. It’s not the fact that they didn’t deliver on their promise either, because they certainly DID. In all actuality, the exceptional result from the service is the reason why I am currently buried by bills – server upgrade bills.

It seems that it will really make your website gain as many members as Facebook or Myspace, given enough time. Unfortunately, I failed to realize that the bandwidth numbers being chewed by most social networking sites would cripple a normal webhosting plan. Now I find my website with such a staggering amount of members and visitors that I needed to upgrade my hosting even before I managed to take advantage of the hits and ranking I got. If you’re considering an Opt In Accelerator, make sure you’re prepared to deal with all the heat you’re going to get.

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Optin Accelerator is too expensive

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I see a lot of people promising Optin Accelerator bonus referral links, which usually amounts to 50 or 40 bucks, which is a good thing, all things considered. You probably need that money and more just to handle the upgrade costs on your server if you start using their system. If you were familiar with how Myspace and Facebook increased their user base up to 400% in a short span of time after using an Opt-in Accelerator, you’d know that the server load would be extremely crippling for servers that aren’t built for high volume commercial sites.

Basically, the accelerator works by allowing your existing members to input their email login details in order to allow your website to access their address books directly. Your website then uses the info it has gathered and sends out email invites to their friends, with purported recommendations from the people who initially signed up for your website. Estimates posit that this system increases the amount of successful referrals to as much as 200% than the usual opt in forms, which users have to fill in with their friends’ emails and names manually.

This means the Opt-in Accelerator bonus system they advertise is not as cheap as the tag price may imply. Sure, you only pay a few hundred bucks initially, and even less once you consider the Optin Accelerator bonus, but what comes next is thousands of dollars in costs when your website starts raking in massive membership registrations. Clearly, this system is not for aspiring web entrepreneurs who are not financially ready for the online big leagues.

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